Show "see more/less" on cards only if image is too tall


For now, it seems that “see more/less” button on a card relies on the length of text. But it results weird when I embed a single image in a card.

If the note length can be recognized by rendered content length, it will look better when single image is on the card.

Thanks :slight_smile:


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Hi @wldh,

Good spot.

We do already calculate how tall card content will be and then display “See more” depending on that value. The exception to this is with images. Images are lazy-loaded for performance, so Supernotes is unaware of how tall an image will be. So to be on the safe side the “See more” is always shown with image cards, otherwise images would occasionally seem cropped.

Having said this, we will improve this in future as images will be stored locally for offline purposes (and I’ve edited the title of this topic to reflect this)

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