Sidebar sort should follow cards list sort

Greatly improved card tree – there are many improvements we are currently making to the card tree in the sidebar. I won’t exhaustively list out the new behaviors that will be enabled by this restructuring of the tree, but suffice to say that if you have thought of an improvement you’d like in the tree, that feature is probably included in the refresh.

I think, the Sidebar cards sorting should follow user-defined cards list sort:

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Yep, you will be able to choose the sort of the sidebar!

Optimally you would be able to drag and drop the cards into any order you wanted (in the main screen) and the sidebar would follow that order.

It doesn’t look to me like you can sort items in the sidebar at the moment, am I missing something?
Also, as @Rajeev mentioned, it would be good to sort them manually using drag & drop as well.

The sidebar ‘Card Tree’ will be getting a major overhaul very soon. It will be updated alongside the introduction of our ‘Graph View’. Some of the things you will be able to do:

  • Sorting – using both manual and using pre-defined options
  • Improved drag and drop support e.g. adding cards to the tree
  • Filtering – show / hide certain cards in the tree (like you can filter the notebaord)

Along with a few other bits and bobs. We are looking forward to sharing with you these features soon!

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Great news, can’t wait!