Soft refresh from everywhere?

So — I may simply be missing a trick here in the app as this goes, but I figure that I’ll ask for the feature and be told so. :slight_smile:

Today, I spent a lot of time refreshing Supernotes:

  • When I switch between devices, notes don’t load until refresh.
  • When I’m collaborating with a colleague or friend, our mutual changes don’t appear until we refresh, so we refresh pretty frequently.
  • When I add a card, it’s (appropriately and intentionally I think) pinned to the top of the screen, ignoring sort order — but when I want to see things in sorted order, I have to refresh.
  • Index/unindex (for now) tends to incur a refresh.
  • A few things seem to put the app into odd states (like a card disappearing after cancelling an edit) — also a refresh.

When I’m on the home page, I can do a much faster soft refresh by simply clicking the Supernotes icon in the top left — if I’m on another page however, that takes me back to home as well as refreshing.

I totally understand that doing away with refresh entirely could be a major undertaking for later — but would it be possible to add a soft refresh for other screens so that at least for now we can just keep hitting refresh manually to watch changes?

Apologies again if this is just an existing feature that I’ve missed. :slight_smile:


So there is a “soft refresh” option in the noteboard menu. This should address 3/4/5 for the most part. Although, there is not currently an associated hotkey – that would probably be helpful. Anyone have a preference on what the hotkey should be?

That being said, changes should be propagating between your devices (1/2) when you are both collaborating on a card. Is this always happening? It would be helpful to know what devices/browsers/etc you are using when real-time syncing does not work.

But yeah, we are in the process of moving everything to be a more consistent syncing approach in order to hopefully avoid these problems. It is a long process however.

I would like to add that new backlinks are not shown automatically either. Not a big deal, but good to know.

I also came here to add the comment about backlinks — and the fact that soft refresh doesn’t seem to update backlinks from cards (those not on the current noteboard?)

As for propagation between devices during collaboration, I’m definitely not seeing it right now, as far as I can tell — using Chrome on Mac, my colleagues on Windows, none of us seem to see it against our own or each other’s edits.