Some examples, please

Hi there,

I’m new to Supernotes and see huge potential. I was a programmer once, in a past century, but haven’t done any serious coding for at least 20 years. I would love to try my hand at building some kind of wrapper around the current APIs so I can integrate Supernotes with Alfred and Apple Shortcuts. I have been fooling around with curl to test the APIs and I think I understand the general concept. However, it would really, really help me if there are some actual examples of code people have used to access Supernotes cards.

I am mainly interested in creating cards from other apps such as DevonThink, which can go via the clipboard, if necessary, and in implementing a search function I can call from Alfred, so I can search through my Supernotes cards without having to open Supernotes.

Has anyone out there programmed anything of that kind and would be willing to share some code with me?


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Yep, as you have seen the documentation is a little sparse. Currently it is just an API reference but definitely in the future we’d like to actually throw some fully-fledged guides in there to make it easier to get from 0-to-integrated.

There is actually an example repo created by @jcassee that he posted on the forums here of a command-line client written in Rust.

However that tool was written before we had API keys, which definitely make things a little easier on the client side.

I know this probably isn’t much help to you, but we use swagger codegen to generate SDKs for our APIs at work. I haven’t had a go using this with supernotes yet, but it may well lower the effort required to get started building your own tools! Take a look through this and I hope its somewhat useful to you! :slight_smile:

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