Some expectations for the new version and app

Hi guys. Have been using Supernotes for a few months and waiting for the new version, I want to share some of my thoughts on the future features of Supernotes.

Here are a few features I think will make Supernotes exceptionally powerful.

  1. Graph view. Actually not only the graph view, but also, first, being able to center a card and see what it’s connected to. Second, connect and cut in real-time in graph view. Third, performance is important. A bad performance will make it a pain to open graph view.
  2. More powerful tagging system. For example, inline tagging as discussed already in the community. Also, more convenient and faster tag editing, such as batch deleting or adding. One more feature I believe will really make a difference is to filter a tag or several tags and see the graph view (maybe this is entailed considering graph view has to do something with filters).
  3. Robust search engine. This is a difficult problem. I have used Notion, Roam Research,, etc. When the number of notes increases, the power of search reduces. Particularly, is local-based, but its search is frustrating for me. I’m still waiting for the desktop version, so I haven’t put a lot of content in Supernotes. Thus far, however, Supernotes’ search is fast and good for hundreds of cards. And dividing search into full search and title search is brilliant.

Really looking forward to the next big version and apps!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Myctery, fortunately everything you have mentioned we are actively developing. With every new feature we add we are conscious to make sure it is performant, as Supernotes is all about speed :zap:

  1. Graph view will actually replace the noteboard view, so you will still have access to all the filtering options that you are used to. By clicking nodes on the graph this will pop up cards.
  2. Tagging will be greatly overhauled with the new editor. We will make it faster and more seamless (esp. with inline).
  3. Really happy to hear that our search functionality is working great for you thus far! You are right about the increase in notes often reducing the power of search, we are looking into ways we can prevent this. Similar to this topic - Ranking by recency/context in the Command Prompts

Looking forward to sharing all of these features with you as soon as we can!


That is so cool :smile:
Even more expecting the new version!

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