Some features I like to have


I’ve seen a few postings from 2020 that refer to manually sorts of the cards - is there anything new on that?

The things I would also like to have

  • toggle function
  • search in the contents of cards (not only the headings)

Can I ask what do you mean by toggle function? Toggle what?

Search in card contents already works. To search all your cards, navigate to “Home” CMD + SHIFT + H, then search CMD + F, then type a search term, then hit enter, and voila!

The search and filter feature will become even more powerful when Supernotes implements the “Card depth” feature, which will let us search and filter within a particular branch of our note trees (rather than just the current noteboard). That’s one of the reasons I can’t wait for that feature to arrive! :slightly_smiling_face:

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OMG! It`s my fault … with cmd + F it works - but I clicked the search button in the left pane and this only shows the titles of card …

Something like Notion or e.g. code editors have - so that you hide things under a line of text or untoggle to see everything. With Supernotes I can use Spoiler but sometimes it would be easier to toggle things.

Hi @isaiur,

Thanks for your feedback! Happy to share our progress on these features you’ve mentioned.

Manual sorting (I’ve just opened a specific feature request) has been on the backburner due to the shared nature of Supernotes making this a little complex. It will be coming soon but in the meantime you can number cards and then sort them by alphabetical order.

Toggling lines of text within a card has been previously marked as out of scope, since you can toggle cards themselves using the left and right arrow keys; and Supernotes is designed to encourage you to write “one unit of knowledge” per card – preferring multiple cards on the same topic rather than one long file. However, since more and more use cases have been mentioned, I’ve just changed this feature request to “under consideration.”

Improving the search within the command prompt to include the contents of cards is something we are working on. One of our favourite things is how fast the search currently is, since it only searches card titles and commands – but we will be improving this greatly very soon. In the meantime, you can use the filters to search within cards as @JamesT has mentioned.

I’ve moved this whole thread to ‘Thoughts & Feedback’, since we try to keep feature requests to singular topics, so we can tag their progress with “in development” etc. I’ve made sure to link to all the open feature requests above.