Manual sorting of cards within the Noteboard

Adding a manual sort option for cards within the Noteboard has been on the horizon for a little while now. We’ve been waiting to add this as manual sorting is a little more complex on Supernotes due to the shared nature of cards. If this would be helpful for you, please like this post so we can gauge interest.


A similar thing I’ve sometimes wanted is the ability to pin a few child cards to the top, while still letting all the others sort normally. Don’t know if that helps or adds more complexity. :slight_smile:


I’d love manual sorting especially for writing long form docs. Pp while still keeping notes atomical and card format friendly.

The current workaround of numbering cards and sorting alphabetically has limits (beyond just being a drag to reorder or to add cards in between two existing cards). One of the usecases for multiple parents is in my view to reuse pieces of content), so the same card might be the first in the context of a parent/document and the second or third etc in another. Numbering doesn’t address this scenario.

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Absolutely agreed @MaxLinWorm, we have recently discussed manual sorting internally and have moved up its priority. It won’t be coming in the very next release (v2.4, which should be released within the week), but it will be coming in a release soon after that.


I was searching the forum for a thread or comment like this!

I’m missing currently the possibility to pin a child card on top so much. I’m writing everything what should stay on top in the parent card but I would like to split it for a better overview. With pinned child cards I could do that very easily.

This was added in Supernotes 3 :tada: