Sort card horizontals when sorting by recent in a broadsheet view

Right now you sort cards on the first line vertically, it would be nice if cards get sorted horizontally.

So lets say most recent card is install form, then Canciones por aprender then instrucciones para generar credenciales API and then push.

But right it now it goes to the bottom
most recent card is install form, then snippes, then rate limiting system

Hi @geop0p3, thanks for the feature request!

There’s a few reasons why we opted for a our own novel “Broadsheet” view where cards are sorted down each column rather than organising them across columns; let’s call this left-to-right a “Masonry” view for now (even though these are usually interchangeable).

  1. Creating a new card problem. Creating a new card when in Masonry view means always moving every card on screen; which is wholly disorientating, as well as requiring a lot of animations / performance. Currently with broadsheet view we’ve optimised it so cards move as little as possible since columns having varying lengths.
  2. Varying card length problem. In your image you exhibit this issue as “Snippets” has no text. If you had multiple cards like this in one column in a “Masonry” this would mean the surrounding cards would likely not be in the correct sort order. The only way to prevent this really is either, with a clever algorithm that can bin multiple cards in one column if they are short (rather than just adding 1 per column) or by locking the heights of the cards so they are all uniform.

This are the main issues but in practice there were a few more. While it’s possible for us to add this, we’ve previously marked it out of scope internally. I will leave this under consideration for now. If anyone else would like this please like @geop0p3’s original post above. Or if you have any ideas let us know below :slight_smile:

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I tried thinking on a way to sort it but you are right. The points you made are spot on.

Thanks for explanation!

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