Spaced repetition

Please include a spaced repetition feature such as in remnote for instance.


Thanks for opening this feature request, @dgdn3. Spaced repetition is on our roadmap and I have added a +1 for this!

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great feature,+10086 for this!

+1, definitely

Regarding the function of spaced repetition, it is recommended to be able to synchronize the data with Anki, so that interaction with the interface of Supernotes should be able to convert a large number of Anki users.

However, if you want to independently develop spaced repetition functions, it is best to refer to Quizlet (, maimemo (, which uses AI learning to target each person’s Forgetting curve design, they have obtained a huge amount of learning data.

In general, although it is more difficult to independently develop spaced repetition functions, AI learning to adjust everyone’s forgetting curve is believed to have a very broad use.

Speaking of Spaced Repetition. I found a potential match made in heaven and introduced the Supernotes Guys to the Readwise Folks. A bi-directional integration would be fantastic IMO.

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From: John E Jablonski
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Subject: Suggested Integration
Date: Friday, April 15, 2022 09:02

Hi Folks,

Readwise, meet Supernotes.
Supernotes, meet Readwise.

I’ve found the program Readwise really encourages gathering small snippets of information from reading sources like Kindle or Instapaper, among many others. Currently, for me, it writes these snippets out to my Evernote, but in a one-big-note-per-source compilation.

It would be really great if Readwise could automatically export to Supernotes. Both applications encourage knowledge in atomic form, so to speak, and Supernotes fills a void as Readwise does not offer a linking between “atoms” feature (other than tags).

I envision that each Readwise “card” would be exported to a single Supernotes “card”, maintaining the Readwise metadata like tags, source, mastery feature, etc. Then a nice Zettelkasten could be built in Supernotes using both parent/child and hyperlink capabilities, for longer term search, review and inspiration drawn from the captured knowledge.

Readwise fills a void in Supernotes as it offers a “Mastery” capability for creating flash-cards and encourages doing a spaced repetition exercise with these “mastery cards” on a daily basis.

Seems like a good match to link these two tools. Both offer web and app capabilities as well.

I can envision also a bi-directional link where new Supernotes cards are automatically captured as another source for Readwise. I see a really useful integration possibility that would benefit both apps.

Thanks for your consideration.



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