<sub></sub> and <sup></sup> will not function


I need to use this to things for statistics and so on. But it will only show this

Is there any solution to fix it?

Greetz Markus

Hi @MD1986,

Yes there is an easy solution! We don’t support inline html in our editor, but you can easily use the LaTeX math language. Just wrap your formula in dollar signs and use _{1} instead of <sub>1</sub>, this will also work within a table. So for your example:

$x_1, ... , x_n$

Or if you want to see this in a standalone block (not in a table) try:

x_1, ... , x_n

Hope that helps!

@MD1986 If you haven’t come across latex yet, its definitely worth taking a look at, I wrote both of my dissertations using latex with https://www.overleaf.com/. Latex makes it so much easier to write nice equations so I am glad supernotes supports it for my notes.

here is a useful latex math symbols quick reference sheet, I hope its useful: