Subscription info lost in Supernotes 2

Excited with the new version, but found that the subscription information is lost, the information is restored after a refresh
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@tobias After the upgrade Supernotes seems to forget that I’m an unlimited user. It keeps telling me “Card Limit Reached”, and I’m forced to logout and log back in again to reset it.

I’m wondering if it’s connected to me using the same email address to try the beta version?

Thanks for the reports @dmych and @JamesT. We’ve combined all of them here in this thread. Is there a pattern when the subscription info gets lost?

@JamesT - this isn’t tied with the beta, the platforms are entirely independent.

We are looking into this at the moment, hopefully we can push a hotfix asap!

After creating or editing a note.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Refresh the app and check the subscription: unlimited, ok.
  2. Edit any existing or create a new note.
  3. Click Finish (Cmd+Enter)
  4. Check the subscription: now it’s lost.

P.S. Doesn’t matter app or web browser - in both the same behaviuor.


Thanks for this @dmych, we’ve identified the issue and are currently testing a fix. Once we are happy we will push this out to the web app asap, and then desktop / mobile apps later.


Ok so we’ve just pushed a hotfix for the issue to the web app –

Please let us know down below if that works. Once we’re happy that the issue is resolved, we will build and update the desktop / mobile apps.

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Ok from my side. Cannot reproduce the issue anymore.
Thanks a lot!


Thanks for letting us know @dmych. We’ve just updated the desktop and mobile apps with this fix as well.

If you’ve downloaded / auto-updated a desktop app on the 18th February and are affected by this bug please delete the app and re-download the new version from our Downloads page here.


Awesome! Thank you.

This fixed it for me too, thank you.