Supernotes 2.0.1

Supernotes 2.0.1 has been released :tada:

This minor release addresses a few small bugs that have been introduced as part of Supernotes 2. Thanks everyone on the Community for your feedback, it’s been great to hear about the new workflows you’ve discovered. More to come! :sparkles:

  • Improve cursor handling when editing populated cards, putting the cursor immediately at the bottom of the content
  • Improve ‘Update is available’ notification to be more helpful on Mobile Apps
  • Fix issue where some Unlimited users were unable to create new notecards #803 @dmych @JamesT
  • Fix issue where users could not click on the top part of a long card within Preview
  • Fix automatic dark mode not being in sync with user’s system
  • Fix pasting in an input field / comments causing new card creation
  • Fix initial click not registering when switching between title / body of a card in edit mode
  • Fix Outline ‘more options’ ellipsis glitching on touch devices when opening a card
  • Fix ‘Go to Thoughts’ in the Command Prompt to display correct hotkey (cmd / ctrl + shift + y)
  • Fix issue with Daily View and Day Heatmap not updating correctly with new targeted dates
  • Fix issue on Windows where app would half-close on quit #817 by @wldh
  • Fix issue on Mobile App where the friend item popover would pop up in the wrong place
  • Fix issue on Mobile App where text would not be auto-capitalized when starting a new sentence #807 by @michaeldurland