Supernotes 1.4.0

Backlinks :link:

We now have full support for bi-directional linking of your cards on Supernotes. Whenever you link to a card, a new backlinks (quotation) symbol will appear in the bottom right corner of the linked card, and show you a list of all the cards which link to it. Perfect for anyone building a Zettelkästen system on Supernotes!

SSO :lock:

As part of our commitment to simplicity and security, we have now added Supernotes Single Sign-On. This allows you to sign-in with your Supernotes credentials to various associated services. The first of these is our new community forum. Many of you said you’d like to sign in to the Community Forum (formerly on Spectrum) with your Supernotes account (rather than having to create a separate one), and now you can! We have also decided to host the forum ourselves so that your data won’t live with 3rd-party services.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Add account deletion button, with email confirmation
  • Add sort by child count
  • Add sort by backlink count
  • Add a ‘card hasn’t synced’ indicator with retry button
  • Add auto list continuation and indentation support
  • Add a snazzy new favicon
  • Improve alphabetical sort to sort A - Z by default
  • Improve card joining support for parent cards with large amounts of children
  • Improve performance with joining and views
  • Fix issues with LaTeX math equations not rendering correctly

Regarding the community: personally, I’m quite happy with Discourse, but there is a question/wild idea - why don’t you set the support community (or just a part of it) based on Supernotes? I can imagine creating a card, which describes bug-report or a question… And this may be a good usage example as well.

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I like this idea! however this would mean that any bugs in supernotes also exist in the support community, for example: “BUG: I cant create a card” :worried:!
Also discourse is already a mature system with notifications

Yes, there are possible issues, but this may be a great playground to showcase and test SN features.

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