Supernotes 1.6.0

Supernotes 1.6.0 has just been released. This is a major update which includes some great new features and quite a few fixes.

Pinning :pushpin:

You can now pin cards to the right side of your screen so that cards can be kept in view while you’re working on other cards, even across contexts. You can pin a card in a number of different ways:

  • drag-and-drop into right panel
  • [alt]-click a card title
  • press [alt] + [space] while a card is focused
  • click the “pin” button in the card’s ellipsis menu

Importing :ballot_box:

Some basic import functionality has been added, accessible from the user menu. Currently this is not super sophisticated and only supports importing from platforms that allow you to export content as markdown. We plan to continue to flesh this out to make the process even easier / work with more 3rd parties.

Card Member Management :otter:

  • Pending members are now shown and can be removed / role changed before they accept.
  • Authors now have the ability to remove members from a card
  • Displays members that have “kept” the card
  • Manually keeping a card is now done from the member list

Visibility :eyes:

Cards now have 3 visibility options, accessible from the card’s ellipsis menu.

  • Priority (shows up in the sidebar)
  • Visible (default)
  • Invisible (hidden in Noteboard unless filter is changed, doesn’t show up in global search)

Other Bug fixes and changes

  • When working with multiple tabs / coming back from a break, your view should now automatically perform a quick refresh to make sure everything is up-to-date
  • Don’t show invisible cards / junked cards in global search (command prompt)
  • Rename ‘Delete’ to ‘Remove Friend’
  • Sort the friend list alphabetically
  • Compress profile pics to greatly reduce profile load times
  • Cards that have been junked will not be removed from the Noteboard on soft refresh
  • Clicking the home button in mobile will scroll you to the top
  • Don’t automatically go home after looking at a user profile on mobile

Didn’t have a chance to reply until now, but this is wonderful – thank you!

The new language around Visibility is far easier to explain to the team and pinning is really interesting (though I haven’t yet made a ton of use of it – we’ll see!)

Being able to remove people from cards is huge, although if someone removes the root of a tree that has other authors in it (that they’re an author of), I imagine that this will leave a large number of now-orphaned cards in the recipient’s Supernotes?

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Glad to hear you are enjoying the new update @tekacs! I definitely recommend using the pinning shortcut by Alt clicking card titles, if you haven’t yet – really useful for opening a linked card side-by-side to the one you are reading. We’ve also improved the soft-refresh when returning to Supernotes so hopefully that works better for you.

You are correct, at the moment if you remove someone from a parent, the changes don’t propagate downwards. We will be improving this behaviour in a future update!

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