Supernotes 1.6.2

Supernotes 1.6.2 is now live. This is a minor update which adds / fixes a few things:

Features / Improvements

  • Share cards with an actual link, this replaces the previous message + share code.
  • Go to Home / Inbox / Junk now have dedicate hotkeys. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + H / I / J
  • Toggle Dark / Light mode command has been added to the command prompt
  • Added a swanky new 404 page to redirect you to Home
  • Simplify friends / member list to only show names, and reveal usernames on hover

Bug fixes

  • Fix theme inconsistencies for colored cards
  • Fix height bug for users with 15+ friends
  • Fix role selector bug

Love the share links! :tada:

I’ll see if I can remap it, but Ctrl+Shift+H is unfortunately ‘History’ in Firefox, it seems. :slight_smile:

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