Supernotes 1.6.5

Supernotes 1.6.5 is now live (please refresh your browser). This is a minor update which adds / fixes a few things, in preparation for 1.7, desktop apps & mobile apps:

Features / Improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where subscription recurring date was using minutes instead of months
  • Fix bug where user would not be logged out if session expires

Hey! Do you have any ETA for the 1.7? :wink: Week? Month? Two months? :wink:

I really need the MacApp. Using web app is very inconvenient for me…

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The mac app will be here soon, definitely before the end of the year!


Perfect. Can’t wait!

Hey, do you have any fresh status of the mac app? :wink:

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Yep, very soon! Still accounting for some structural changes made in 1.7, but we’re hard at work on them and they will definitely be the next thing we get finished.

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