Supernotes 1.6.5

Supernotes 1.6.5 is now live (please refresh your browser). This is a minor update which adds / fixes a few things, in preparation for 1.7, desktop apps & mobile apps:

Features / Improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug where subscription recurring date was using minutes instead of months
  • Fix bug where user would not be logged out if session expires

Hey! Do you have any ETA for the 1.7? :wink: Week? Month? Two months? :wink:

I really need the MacApp. Using web app is very inconvenient for me…

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The mac app will be here soon, definitely before the end of the year!


Perfect. Can’t wait!

Hey, do you have any fresh status of the mac app? :wink:

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Yep, very soon! Still accounting for some structural changes made in 1.7, but we’re hard at work on them and they will definitely be the next thing we get finished.

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Guys, I asked when the mac app will be available in December and you said “very soon”. Now we have March and still don’t see any update in that matter.

So, any fresh updates? :wink:

Hi @kamilfurman, thanks for checking in. In summary, we thought we were close to getting out Desktop apps with some offline functionality, but in the end are not able to do so, and are reverting back to our original plan to just release desktop apps without any offline support.

As part of releasing online-only desktop apps, we also had to make some much-needed improvements to the Supernotes backend API, to allow for things like not having to login every 3 days (and much more). All of those changes will be included in the upcoming Supernotes 1.8 release, which is when we plan to release the Desktop apps.

I use Supernotes every day and myself would really like having a desktop app, so rest assured that we are working on it and will get them out as soon as everything is ready!

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