Supernotes 1.8.3

Supernotes 1.8.3 has been released :tada:


  • Improved Onboarding experience
  • The “Thoughts” Collection now only includes cards you can edit
  • Copy link to clipboard on iOS now opens the native share page
  • Add a ‘This card is not joinable’ status to shared non-joinable cards viewed on the platform
  • Add a notification to let users know if they are running on an old version of Supernotes
  • Improve security and user verification, using Google’s reCAPTCHA and Cloudflare delivery


  • Fix upgrade modal not dismissing correctly in desktop apps
  • Fix the pinned sidebar being open randomly
  • Fix unfinished draft prompt when trying to create a new linked card
  • Fix pending member icon glitch on small devices
  • Remove defunct publishing switch from Readers creating new cards within a parent

We know how excited many of you are for mobile apps. We are working on them and can’t wait to release them once they are ready!


Nice work Connor and Tobias!