Supernotes 3.1 – New Launch Date & Preliminary Release Notes

We’ve been overwhelmed by your support for our upcoming 3.1 release, with messages here, on the forum, tweets and more. Thank you so much for your kind words, we’ve been burning the midnight oil to get this out for you :heart:

After a long weekend of testing, we’ve decided to push the launch of Supernotes 3.1 to May 29th. While almost everything is running smoothly, we still aren’t happy with a few things and want to make sure it’s right before we release it.

However, we don’t want to leave you empty-handed. So instead, today we are pre-releasing overhauled share pages – they’re faster, sharper and have a notecard image preview when sharing links on social media, forums, or anywhere online. This way, when you share your Supernotes with friends, family and colleagues, they’ll know exactly what to expect. Here’s an example on Whatsapp:

Head to now and enter any four-word share code to try the new share pages, and let us know if you have any feedback down below. You can even generate pixel-perfect screenshots by adding an image/ to the URL, like so:

Note: with this share page pre-release, changing card content on Supernotes will not be reflected in the share page. If you need that behavior now, please continue using the old share page system until 3.1 is released, when live-updating share pages will arrive.

After 3.1, we will be returning to our monthly release cadence. We know some of you have been waiting patiently for bug fixes – most of which have been fixed – and to give you a better idea of what’s coming, here’s a sneak peek at Supernotes 3.1 release notes.


To be honest, I know how hard you guys put on this app, but sharing card in picture is not the way I expected. It is too complicated and disappointed. What I expected was that I can just share the card by simply tap the sharing button and select forms.

I think this is just a partial feature pre-release. It seems that they opened their somewhat api-like domain service in advance of 3.1 official release. Thinking of their design direction and development history, this may not a final form of the service. In my opinion, that new sharing feature will be built-in the app as like current feature. If it’s not, well…


Yeah, I know. I lost my mind at that moment…btw how can you get the Lifetime version hahaha

@NSJK apologies for the confusion. @wldh is correct, this is just a pre-release feature to demonstrate what the new share pages will be like. We didn’t update the mobile, desktop or web apps themselves so they all point to path.

In the 3.1.0 update all these paths will change to use the simpler and more performant system, so you will be able to immediately tap and copy the code from within Supernotes. @NSJK you previously asked us to implement a card to image solution and this will also be as simple as right clicking on a card to copy it as an image (you may have to wait a few secs for the image to generate). I hope this helps!

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