Supernotes 3.1 Release Date

Exciting news! We’re planning to release Supernotes 3.1 on 20th May. Thanks everyone for your patience with this release, we always strive to keep our releases regular and small however this time we wanted to release some milestone features together, including a surprise or two :wink:

@connor and I have been testing this for months and we can’t wait to share it with you very soon! :tada:


omg good news :heart_eyes:


amazing~ waiting for this brilliant update

Awesome! Can we test the beta on TestFlight ? I can’t find it.

Thanks @LaurenBurchell, no testflight this time!

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Awesome! :heart_eyes: Looking forward to this! I will block some time to try out the new features :sparkle:

Is there any new feature released soon? I really need share in PNG and other possible features.

Hi @NSJK, sounds like you missed this thread. Capturing cards as PNGs is planned for 3.1 as well!

(I’ve moved your post here that so everything is in one place)

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