Supernotes 3 - Tags not working properly

I’ve been testing the use of tags, and I have #code, #code/javascript and #code/css as tags I use.

When at “Home”, and I try filtering by #code, I only get cards with “#code”, not any that have #code/javascript or #code/css on them. I expect those to show up when using the base part of a nested tag structure.

In addition, when testing the “using OR operator”, it just lists EVERY card, regardless of what the filter terms are. It should only include cards that match AT LEAST ONE of the filters.

Yes, that is intended behavior, as we do not support nested tags on Supernotes. The way to do this on Supernotes is to tag your cards with both #code and #css or both #code and #javascript. In general we think this is a better system to use and encourage than nested tags as you can have more powerful unions.

For example, if you also have cards you want to tag as #ideas/css (in addition to #code/css), filtering for #ideas or #code would give you those cards, but if you wanted to see #css cards that are either ideas or code, you might have trouble.

With regards to the OR operator option, what you’ll find is that there is actually a default filter enabled in your NoteBoard called “Not Invisible”. When you turn on the OR filter, most of your cards will be matching that filter so it will effectively show all your cards. You need to turn off that filter in order to see the cards you are looking for. We recognize that this might not be very obvious, so we will be improving this in a subsequent release.