Supernotes & Speech-To-Text

I always take notes when I read non-fiction books. But when taking these notes with my notebook or phone it kind of makes the reading unenjoyable. You read a bit … look at your device screen, take notes and continue. I don’t feel that smooth flow. Speech-To-Text helps maintaining that flow. You can basically dictate a sentence that you find important.

Simply open up Supernotes on your phone, open up a new card and press on the microphone icon on your keyboard. The amount of time you can save is incredible. Don’t worry the Speech to Text feature is really accurate as long as you speak clearly.

A lot of people forget that that speech to text feature even exists. So go ahead and try it out!


This is like a lightening strike to me. it works like a charm.
Before I actually turned off this function on iPhone. I really wasted a lot of time…

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Same here … I saw it in a YouTube video and tried it out. Such an amazing workflow now