Switching from Display Mode to Edit Mode Can Be Jarring

Been trying out pinning lists and checklists to the right side of the window.

When I would go to add or edit a list item, the indentation is way different and the line spacing seems slightly smaller too. The indentation is so small that everything looks like they’re at the same indentation level.

Because of this, it’s really easy to lose your place and where you wanted to make that edit. I would really like if edit mode more closely matched the indentation size and spacing as in preview mode.

Here are some photos for reference:


Hi @marlonr,

Thanks for your feedback. We will see what we can do to improve the indentation / spacing of lines within edit mode.

(Also I’ve slightly edited the title of your post to “Display Mode to Edit Mode” – as card Preview Mode is a separate thing, when a card is displayed on top of the Noteboard)