Sync is not working properly

Description of the bug
I’m kind of stuck in a syncing loop. Whenever I click on my profile picture there appears “Syncing 1 to go” - days ago I try to logout but it didn’t work because of the ongoing syncing and since then nothing happened.

App & Version
Windows v3.0.8

Steps to reproduce
Unfortunately I don’t know …

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Maybe another behaviour is helpful to understand the problem better:
If I want to add a card via inline link and it does not yet exist, I select the words behind which the link should be and press the Quick Coupler Key. The menu for the links then appears on the side and I can add the card with the selected text as a heading. A new card also appears, but without a heading and the three small dots in the bottom right-hand corner are red and I can click on “retry sync”. Then the heading appears, but there is still no link on the original card. This means I have to highlight the words and set the link again.

So maybe I have a global problem with sync …

Hi @isaiur,

Thanks for the report!

Seems to be multiple issues going on. If you know which card is the problem you can copy the contents and then force a logout (so you don’t lose the changes – although it could be a non-card related request). Once you force a logout and then log back in, that syncing issue should be fixed :smiley:

The other problem related to newly link card creation is something we’ve noticed as well and it’s fixed in the upcoming 3.1 update. In the meantime please create a new card beforehand and then add it after, rather than relying on the “new card in preview” mechanic.

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Unfortunately I don’t know which card the problem is …

On mobile iOS v3.0.8 no problem appears and everything is synced.

Hi @isaiur,

If everything looks good on Mobile then it seems like everything important has synced correctly. I would try to force log out and then log back in on your desktop app in that case :slight_smile: It’s probably a different non-card related request that’s not going through for some reason.

Thanks for the advice. After the forced log out it was still there. I re-installed the app and then had to force the log out again - now all is synced.

Glad to hear it! I’m moving this into Community Support, since it’s seemed to be a one-off. I’ve also made a note for us to look into adding more insight into the Sync Status, so you can see which requests are failing and then make it a more conscious decision to force logout if non-critical.

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