Syncing help for a newbie

I’m just getting started so maybe I am missing something…but right now my notes aren’t syncing between venues – I have it web site on my phone, web site on one computer, and web site AND windows desktop app on a second computer.

Right now they all have different card counts if I click on the Home button – 17, 18, 19 and 22 respectively. I’ve turned invisible on and off it doesn’t resolve it. I’ve shut down/launched all locations to no effect.

My phone has the most cards – it looks like some cards I created over the weekend there refuse to sync to the other locations. On the computer I have both browser site and desktop app, the desktop app has three more cards including one I just created on my phone now and tried to sync across all venues.

I’m at a loss. Any insight appreciated. tks.

Hi @Richk,

Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing issues with card syncing between devices. I have made a note on our end to look into this further.

In the meantime, an easy fix should be to log out and then back in to all of your devices. This will pull the data fresh from our servers, so all your devices should be up to date. Let me know you get on :slight_smile:

All the best,


Thank you for the quick response! Signing in and out worked and brought all locations into synch. I was only closing and relaunching which I figured would force a content refresh but didn’t.

Because the sync failed over a few days (and not just a few seconds or minutes) I think something needs looking into? :smile:

I am very much enjoying SuperNotes – thanks again for the quick response.

No problem @Richk! That’s what we are here for.

Yes closing and relaunching isn’t the same as signing in and out. We have opened an issue on our end, and will make sure to look into this further :slight_smile:

Really happy to hear you are enjoying Supernotes! If you have any other questions / feedback, feel free to post them or join open discussions here on the Community.