Tables with non-uniform column sizes

Is there any way to have tables where the columns are not all the same size? I often end up with tables like this:

| Column with really long values in it | Num |
| This column has really long stuff in it | 42 |

and the long cells wrap even though they have plenty of room to expand, since the next column is mostly empty. Would love to know if there is a way to avoid this. Thanks!

Hi @taylor_venable,

Good question. Yes this is totally possible, however in doing so this can also have the opposite effect where the columns scale proportionally and squash the contents if there is too much in one column, as seen below:

Since Supernotes uses markdown tables they are very simple, we will stick with the proportional sizing for now, as seen like below:

Although this looks a little odd sometimes, it generally creates more readable layouts. In the future, we may completely overhaul tables with more advanced features such as custom column sizing and resolve these disparities.