Tags are collapsed with text

If some text is collapsed and many tags are applied, some of them will be collapsed along with the text.

Below are some screenshots. Here very-long-tag3 is hidden.

But when I click “See more”, this tag appears along with the remaining part of the text.

Hi @Nikitinho,

So this is kind of intentional, since some people like to use 6+ tags and it can take up a lot of space on smaller screens.

We are adding a new global view option in the next release that will allow for cards to be either Minimized / Standard (what it is currently) / Maximised at all times. This will hopefully help those who like to do active recall or users such as yourself who want to see all the information at once. Does this work for you?

Well, I never thought about adding 6+ tags to one card before. Now I understand why it works this way, thank you!

Sometimes I filter cards by clicking on tags (because I don’t always remember all the tags applied) and if some of them are collapsed it makes filtering this way not really convenient, but I can’t suggest any other solution for the 6+ tags case right now.

Not sure if I would like all cards to always be maximized, but it sounds like a cool feature anyway :slight_smile: