Task Shortcut Please

I’ve been testing out numerous note taking apps as I want to make the jump from pencil and paper. Supernotes is the best of the bunch for my particular needs. There are only two features that I think are missing:

  1. Offline - Which I know is in v3, which seems to be coming very soon from what I’ve read.

  2. There isn’t a shortcut to create a task (apart from typing - [ ]). Given that there is a task filter in the nav, this seems very strange to me. Please add an uncomplicated keyboard shortcut (or a GUI button) to create a task.

Once those two things happen, I honestly can’t fault this product. It’s awesome. Please keep it simple and fast.

We will soon be adding a toolbar that will have buttons to quickly add things like task items. Hopefully that will be enough to scratch this itch, but I’ll mark it as “under consideration” for now and we can revisit if necessary after 3.0

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A button in a toolbar would do the trick for me. Really appreciate that!