Text Indentation

Hey, am I overlooking something or is there currently no way to create indents in my notes other then using bulleted lists?

I love to take notes in an outliner-way during meetings and re-process them afterward. Indentation is currently only possible from my testing using  

Can’t we add indentation with tabs like it’s working in code blocks already?

This is not really a Supernotes decision, but rather a deliberate “feature” of the Markdown language. One of the goals of Markdown (and one of the goals of Supernotes as well, which is why we chose Markdown) is to get out of your way and help you avoid spending too much time marking up your text.

So Markdown processors deliberately strip whitespace at the beginning of a paragraph in order to reduce clutter.

If you want to take notes the outliner way, the best thing to do is to just use a normal bullet list, by starting the line with a dash (-) or an asterisk (*), and then the list will respect indentation.


  • Test
  • This
    • List
      • Text
  • Out

We make this easier for you as well by auto-continuing list marks when you start a new line and by allowing you to use tab and shift+tab in order to indent/dedent text.