The Design

Supernotes is extremely good looking. Like really really really good looking.

The design of this app has the same effect on me as Things 3 does:

The app’s design — all by itself — makes me want to use it.

Who does all of the design? Do they drink special design-smoothies?



Haha thanks @RobertS

We design everything ourselves. Unfortunately we don’t drink any special design-smoothies – just plain old strawberry & banana ones :banana::strawberry:

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There’s a quote about design that I like:

90% of design is typography. And the other 90% is whitespace.
— Jeffrey Zeldman

I think @tobias has mastered the art and the science of the interplay between these two crucial elements of design. They shine through in every UI component in Supernotes and on the marketing website.

The other design superpower in Supernotes is consistency. This really hit home for me when I realised how the three noteboard views, combined with searching and filtering, give us a consistent toolkit for interacting with our notes across our entire knowledge graph. When notecard depth is implemented, I think the power of this consistency will shine even stronger.

I guess this is just my long-winded way of saying - I agree with @RobertS! :slightly_smiling_face: