The height of the parentheses will change when connected to letters

Description of the bug
When some letters are connected to parentheses, the height of the parentheses will change. This seems to be an issue with the new Supernotes font.

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Screenshots / Screen Recording

a() b() c() d() e() f() g() h() i() j() k() l() m() n() o() p() q() r() s() t() u() v() w() x() y() z()
1() 2() 3() 4() 5() 6() 7() 8() 9() 0()

Hi @hahahumble,

This is done on purpose. We recently added Dynamic Delimiter support for better optical delimiters, this generally makes Markdown look a lot better.

However as a consequence when parentheses / brackets are used together like in your demonstration it’s more obvious they have different height. Using parentheses like this () and beside a letter a() is very rare (not sure I can think of a use case) in day to day language. Having said this we will further improve this in SN Pro 1.1 which will be releasing in a few weeks.

Since this isn’t an issue directly related to Supernotes, I’m moving this into Thoughts & Feedback! Thanks for sharing, as this helps us continually improve the new typeface!

Sometimes I want to record function names in the card title, but since card titles do not support inline code, it ends up looking like this.


Ah that’s a perfect example, I thought that but didn’t realise our members were adding it in titles, as in codeblocks this is an non-issue. Thanks for sharing. We will make sure this is adjusted in the next update :smiley:

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Maybe allowing some markdown in the card title could fix this! I think it would be handy to use inline code in Card Titles sometimes.