The request for clarification on the "Default sort order - Alphabetical - ascending/descending" feature

Hi there,

I understand that this default sorting method is descending. I find this illogical and inconvenient. Is it possible to choose ascending or descending alphabetical sorting as the default? If this option exists or if I have misunderstood something, please explain.

Not sure what you’re seeing here. Alphabetical does indeed default to ascending, where as other sort orders (like the overall default, Recent) will default to descending. In general we try to have the default direction be the most sensible.

What you might be seeing is the view lock mechanism, where if you have the view “locked” it will keep the sort (as well as view type) persistent between views? Otherwise I am not sure what behavior you are encountering.

Perhaps I formulated the question incorrectly or did not translate it correctly into English. Here is the sequence of my actions:

1.	Set the sorting order - alphabetical by default.
2.	Create a card.
3.	Create child cards with names from 1 to 9.

Expected result:

Actual result:

Is the actual result ‘ascending’?

Hi @Tokamak,

Thanks for the screenshots with the examples, very helpful!

So when you write cards, the card you’ve written will always be at the top of the feed. We don’t update the sort for new cards as otherwise it would be jarring. E.g. if you had cards numbered 1 to 30 as per you example, and then would write a card called ‘31’ it would disappear from the page when you finish it and be on the second page.

So for when you write cards 1 to 4, they will be in the order [4, 3, 2, 1]. However if you re-apply the alphabetical sort or if you navigate to a different view (such as another parent or collection) and then back to the view it will be sorted correctly [1, 2, 3, 4].

Does that make more sense? Is there another flow that you’d still prefer? :slight_smile:

I understand the logic behind what’s happening – it’s exactly as you described. Such representation is very useful when working with child cards. However, I didn’t quite grasp how to configure settings so that in the future, when viewing child cards, I would see 1, 2, 3, 4… by default.

We save and sync the view sort of parents across all your apps, so if you make a change it’s now persisted always. Is this not the case for you? It may be that ascending / descending is not persisting correctly – let us know and we will look into this for you.