The thing refrains me from being unlimited member

Just come back from Twitter and I can finally log in the community.

I’m considering purchasing a 4-year plan, but its appeal is limited as I don’t understand how to use API. Could you explain what other benefits it might offer me?
Here’s your response: Going Unlimited provides you with Unlimited notecards, you can write as much as you like - which is vital nearing graduation, so you link all your concepts and topics together. Our API allows you to integrate Supernotes with other services and platforms. We are building our more documentation and tutorials at the moment. Unlimited Yearly and 4-Year plans also come with priority support so you can ask us any question within the in-app messenger - and we’ll get back to you faster than this !

I’d like to pose an additional question: As someone who doesn’t understand coding, APIs don’t particularly appeal to me. What I find appealing is the ability to export beautiful images of my notes and share them with friends or on social media.
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Hi @NSJK, thanks for the question! The four-year license doesn’t actually provide any better access to the API than any of the other plans. Even free accounts are given access to the API. However free accounts have stricter rate-limits for how much the API can be used in a given period to reduce abuse.

So if you don’t need to use the API, then the 4-year license is still the best value-for-money that we can provide. It is otherwise basically the same as the other Unlimited plans, it just has a cheaper price for paying four years up front (and we plant four trees with every purchase!)

If you do want to learn how to use the API to integrate Supernotes with other services, we are working on making our developer docs better, even for complete beginners.

There are no-code tools that we have long planned to integrate with as well (such as Make and Zapier), but to be honest we have not been happy with how the flows work in those apps, so have not released them. However we still think integrating with such tools would be very useful for Supernotes members so hope to release those eventually.

Hope that helps!

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