These shortcuts seem essential. What am I missing?

I am still getting used to Supernotes, but I just spent more then 15 minutes trying to figure out what the keyboard shortcut is for opening the search window. I would consider it the most essential shortcut.

How am I supposed to navigate my notes without mouse interaction?

Another shortcut I am missing that seems essential is a way to toggle the overview on the left.

And being able to open and close the cheatsheet would be nice to have.

Am I missing something?

Hi @0x80,

Have you scrolled down the Cheatsheet? (we’ve changed it so in the next version so the scrollbar is always there to make it more obvious). Most of the commands you are looking for are listed at the bottom:

To navigate cards, use the up and down arrow keys and press enter // cmd / ctrl + enter to edit // finish a card.

I did scroll down the list, but apparently didn’t look hard enough :person_shrugging: Maybe my mind was only registering the first words…


I think for toggling the cheatsheet a suitable shortcut could be “shift+?” There are more apps that use that, for example Trello and Shortcut (formerly called Clubhouse)

I would also expect to find the search and toggle sidebar actions in the menu items at the top. I think that’s where people tend to look first.

Thanks for your feedback. Our thinking was that you can search for the Cheatsheet within Universal Search which is pretty quick. i.e. Ctrl / Cmd + K then “Che…” + Enter.

Nonetheless we will look into supporting a keyboard shortcut for the Cheatsheet, Ctrl + Shift + ? is probably what we will end up with.

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