Thought on forward slash for modifying current card

While I understand why it’s used (stuff such as Notion uses it for accessing a ton of functionality inline to editing) it does make certain notes hard to write. As an example, if I’m taking notes about different characters to use in Overwatch, I might use a / to indicate potential options for a certain type of character. While I can still get the / inserted into the text by pressing esc immediately, it is a little annoying. I’d like if there was a different key or key combo or the ability to customize how you want to access that menu.


Not much to add but to say that when I write normal prose (Dutch), I am also inclined to use slashes regularly. I had actually expected the slash to only work at the start of lines, or have an inserted tag be part of the text (like Twitter). Having a normal character act lik a shortcut feels weird to me. But who knows, maybe I’ll grow accustomed to it.

The forward slash will be a lot less intrusive with the new WYSIWYG editor as the ‘Universal Coupler’ (what we call the popup add element menu, since it ‘couples’ new elements to a card) will receive the input inline. So you can just carry on typing to eventually dismiss it.

Right now however you can dismiss the Universal Coupler (UC) in multiple ways:

  • Pressing [esc]
  • Pressing [space] immediately - instead of item/object write item / object
  • Pressing [/] immediately - this is meant for the double // in urls

Sounds like the behavior is going to be like how Notion does it. Personally I’d prefer an option to press a separate hotkey to open the current menu in the new paradigm, but it sounds like the new editor will be a lot easier to work with even if that option doesn’t exist.

Looking forward to the WYSIWYG editor!

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Oh, forgot to ask a quick question: IIRC I read somewhere that the non-WYSIWYG editor will still be an option for writing straight markdown. Will the inline stuff coming with the new editor be available/usable from that? And further, if opting for the new editor, will I still be able to write straight markdown and have it auto-convert?

So the new editor will actually be very different from offerings by different apps, but be a hybrid of markdown and WYSIWYG. We are keeping the “display” / “edit” view of Supernotes, and you will be able to write straight markdown as well as use keyboard shortcuts + new UI elements. Looking forward to sharing it with you!