Thoughts Tab - How does this filter work?

So I see some design changes today. Not sure what this thoughts tab does and how it filters?

The thoughts section is together with the other changes in the new release elaborated here.

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And to elaborate a bit more: one of the hard problems we’re trying to solve with Supernotes is how we can consistently help you surface the content you want/need (rather than just stuffing your cards in a box and never looking at them again). You might call this an experiment in this area, where we are trying to show you cards that either haven’t been fleshed out (content-wise) or haven’t been put into any sort of structure. From our testing, cards that match those filters were often forgotten in that state, so we want to resurface them.

That being said, one of our other goals with Supernotes is to allow as much flexibility as possible when it comes to organization (while still enabling collaboration), so we have some exciting ideas to continue building this out.

Either way, try it out and let us know if it works / doesn’t work for you and what you’d like to see different!

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