Tick Tick integration

Hi Guys,

Marcos here, from Brazil.
First, i ask you guys to forgive my poor english :sweat_smile:.

Can we have a native integration with Tick Tick or someone already have any method through API to make this integratrion documented?

I searched, but have not found any.

Like, a method to create a todo action that goes direcly to my Tick Tick inbox.

I don’t know if somebody already have request this feature in a topic.

Thanks in advance, guys.


Hi @mpmcorrea,

You should be able to do this with Pipedream already. We’re prioritising integrations with Zapier and Make at the mo which integrate with Tick Tick and many other services.

But we will see what we can do regarding a native integration. If anyone else would like this, please like @mpmcorrea’s post above!