Timeline for public collections

Loving supernotes congratulations!

I see from the blog that you are planning a feature which I really need which is

  • Public Collections – share a bunch of your cards to a single public page

Do you have an anticipated timeline for this feature just to help in my planning?

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Hi @simonstjohn,

Public collections are a very exciting feature, that we are looking forward to releasing soon. As to a timeline, unfortunately there’s no specific date set.

Right now, we are focusing on mobile apps, and streamlining our user experience across all platforms to accommodate for the mobile app changes (offline mode, realtime collab, notifications). Once this is completed Public Collections are a high priority, although they require custom collections / collection editing and improved search / filtering first.

Also please see this post about why we don’t have a set-in-stone public roadmap. I hope that helps!

Hi Tobias, thanks for the very detailed reply and of course I understand you’ve got a road map to follow with priorities. You guys are doing a great job and have a beautiful product so it’s a great credit to you.

Unfortunately for me being able to have public notes that people can view without logging in is somewhat of a priority so I’ll be waiting for that but for sure once that comes out I will be very interested in subscribing.

But in the meantime keep up the great work and thank you for taking the time to reply.

Cheers Simon

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