Timeline "video" in Graph view

There’s a strong probability that this feature is already on the roadmap, but I thought it was worth submitting it as a vote for bumping up its priority.

Watching a timeline “video” of the growth of your database in Graph view would have a few uses: 1) Encourages you to add more notes and connections to create a more impressive animation, 2) could be great for sharing the concept of Supernotes with other people “look at how my digital knowledge garden has been growing, and how it’s helping me discover new connections”, 3) could be useful for spotting new connections between different parts of the graph, i.e. “why did I add that link between the ‘biology’ cluster and the ‘chemistry’ cluster, ah, now I understand”, 4) could be useful to the Supernotes team for creating nice looking marketing material.

The timeline feature would be particularly useful if there was a seek bar (like on a YouTube video), play, pause, fast-forward, and speed controls.


Great idea. A similar idea would be an animated shrink/grow feature where the graph dynamically changes depending on how you move up or down a hierarchy. Connections could reveal themselves as you “zoom out”, and one could focus on a few related nodes by zooming in. @JamesT, the seek bar feature could also work here.

Currently, I shift click on parent nodes to zoom in. Pressing command-rt arrow or command-lft arrow grows and shrinks the graph. But a slider / seek bar would be nice.