To expensive for a normal user

i really really like the service more and more :hugs:
Great work, …

And i am thinking to make abo :smile:

But I am a costumer who will pay all my billings monthly and
I think a need for the next month not more than 500 cards.
So i should buy 8 Pounds monthly.

8 Pounds for unlimited is super.
But for a normal user, i think is a little bit to high.

I would be nice to have a price/cards range.
For example:
2 Pounds Monthly for 500 cards
4 Pounds Monthly for 1000 cards
6 Pounds Monthly for 10000 cards
8 Pounds Monthly for unlimited cards

What do you think ?

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Hi @micaelo,

Great to hear you are enjoying Supernotes more and more. That’s an interesting idea to stagger the cost of pricing with the number of cards available. However since just Connor and I are working on Supernotes right now, for logistical reasons it’s definitely easier for us to keep things simple regarding pricing, just Unlimited with discounts for yearly / student billing. But this is definitely something we’ll keep in mind for the future.

We have built Supernotes with a sustainable business model in mind as we are here to stick around for many many years to come (just like your notes and knowledge should be!). By upgrading to a paid plan you really help support us to develop and grow Supernotes into an even better experience!