Tweet a Supernotes notecard

Hey @tobias! Remember my #90DayNotes tweets? I made these with Figma which took a minute-two each.
It’d be cool to have “Tweet” button which would automatically generate an image similar to what I created for my tweets and appropriate link for the tweet. It would encourage people to engage with other related Supernotes.
I’d say it’s low priority but still nice to have, especially to spread the Supernotes word :+1:t2:
Hope someday it’ll be unnecessary :nerd_face:


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Hi @nikita.korobkin,

Neat idea! We are actually hoping to go a step further, and shortly after 1.7 is released, pasting a link in Twitter (or most other social media sites) will auto-generate a meta image preview for the card including the title and first few lines of content.