Two "focused fields" when adding Tag

Description of the bug
When I add a Tag and have my mouse hover over the Tag Window, then start to use the UP/DOWN Arrows, two tag-fields are focused. The one that my mouse hovers over, and the one that I have selected with my up/down arrows. It’s probbaly not directly a bug, but more a UX error.

My problem with it is that it’s confusing. I don’t know which tag I add when I hit ENTER because two of the tags are grayed out. Additionally, when starting to use the UP/DOWN arrows, the mouse is hidden in the window.

App & Version
e.g. MacOS App 3.0.6

Steps to reproduce
Write a note
Type /tag + click Enter
Hover with the mouse over a tag
Start using the up/down buttons.

Screenshots / Screen Recording
Here is a video of the behaviour:

Thanks for the report @Yannic! You’re right this is a tad confusing, and we’ll improve this in the next release :slight_smile:

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