Two panes view


I hope there exists a two-side (double-pane) view.

This is different from pinning which only shows pinned cards.

For example:



Hi @laff, a multiboard view, with support for 2, 3 and more panes, is something we’ve wanted to add since we started building Supernotes. However it requires quite a large overhaul of the interface and the functionality of the platform; and makes the most sense for use only on larger screens. At the moment we are focusing on building a responsive interface for mobiles and medium-sized screens. But this is still on our roadmap and we’d like to add this at some point in the future.

Since you are using the web app, you can manually create this view with two browser windows. Drag and drop functionality will also work between these windows as well.


Thank you for telling me what is going on behind the screen. Btw actually I’m not using Supernotes on the browser, I used it just for modifying some HTML stuff to make the screen like that :sunglasses:

I’m happy to hear :point_up: :smiling_face:

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