“Uh Oh - Something Went Wrong” is a dead end

Greetings. Regardless of how many times I log out, switch devices, or do all the normal things to trouble shoot - whenever I log in I reg the error notice with the reload page direction. I do and it doesn’t fit the error - and there is no way to navigate towards anything or even request help from within the webapp.

Hi @mitchellrobinson,

Sorry to hear this, let’s see if we can solve this for you!

Could you possibly tell us which device(s), browser and platform you are using? If you could share any screenshots or even better a screen recording, this would be super helpful for us so we can identify the issue and fix it for you. If you aren’t happy sharing this information on this forum, feel free to send us a message directly to help@supernotes.app.

No worries. It will just be nice to sort it out. iPad Pro (2020/2021). iPad0S 14.6. Neither Safari nor Chrome can access. Same message both ways. I have cleared cache and cookies. Restarted the iPad.

Thanks for the info Mitchell, we will have a further look into it! In the meantime, could you please try logging in with different device and see if that works?