Unexpected Tab Behaviour

Bug report: pressing tab (or SHIFT+tab) when in edit mode does tab the current line being edited (as expected), but also tabs to highlight the next UI element (as though the card isn’t in edit mode).

Hi @JamesT,

Thanks for letting us know we will look into this asap!

EDIT: We’ve fixed this in the Web App and will push another update to Desktop Apps very soon.

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This looks to be connected to one of my bug reports that I raised on the iPad side here: Issues on iPad with Magic Keyboard - I’m guessing it’s a broader issue then.

Not sure if it’s just me but I’ve tried this on my Mac on the Web App and the Tab / Shift + Tab still results in the next UI element being selected and still doesn’t indent / outdent that particular line.

This has been fixed in Supernotes 3.1.2 :tada:

Sorry about that everyone, we know this bug was annoying while it was there.