Unique link for notes, filters, views, etc


I’m a new user of Supernotes and I would love to use it as a knowledge base. For now, I mostly use Workflowy.

One feature I didn’t find yet is how to get a link for a note, so I can add it to my calendar, todo app or to bookmark it directly. I’d love the ability to share a tree link directly.

Did I miss it or is it a feature you plan to add?


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Hi @frederic.b, welcome to the Supernotes community! :tada:

You can easily get a link to a note by opening the ‘Share’ options, and then clicking the ‘copy share code button’ to the card. Clicking this link will open Supernotes and show you the relevant card. Have a look below!

We are also improving this greatly in the next release (1.7) allowing you to create ‘public links’ so you can send a card to someone who doesn’t have Supernotes and they can see it without logging in!

That’s a great news, thanks!

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We have just released Supernotes 1.7.0 which greatly improves unique links for notes. You can even create multiple links with varying permissions.

A unique link for filters is a great idea. I’d love if clicking on a link could open up the home view with a set of filters added.