Universal Search Operators

There might already be a topic on this—sorry if so!

Universal search is awesome, but I sometimes find it’s a bit too broad. For example, in multiselect mode, I sometimes just want to add a common parent to a slew of cards I recently created. It would be great to have lexical operators for narrowing the search like card:foo, icon:bar, action:baz to restrict results to those relevant to the particular thing I’m looking for. I don’t care too much about the operator syntax, but having something like this would be great!

As always, fantastic work on Supernotes overall! It’s one of the best applications I’ve used in years. Thanks!


So the type of narrowing you’re looking for doesn’t exist, but in case you haven’t seen it there is actually a way to slightly narrow the main search by clicking the icon on the left of the search bar. This toggles between searching cards by everything, title, content, or tags (but actions/commands will always be searched regardless). You can also toggle by pressing the tab button.

Text-based operators are always a bit hard in a search like this one because there is the potential that users want to actually search for whatever operator literal you decide to use (e.g. colons).

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I actually wasn’t aware of that feature, that helps, thanks @connor!

re: matching on textual operators—yeah I figured as much. It would certainly require escaping support for cases in which a card title etc. used some delimiter, which could get a bit unwieldy.

Giving this another bump as it’d be useful to be able to at least restrict a search to a particular parent, or by creating a collection. I realize this is effectively the same as simply opening the parent and browsing/setting up filters, but I often find myself wanting to jump to a particular card quickly in the global search, just to reference it or see if I’ve created it, without having to switch over to the proper parent and scroll around.

You might want to have a look at the search in view feature.

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