Unwanted auto complete with Dashlane

I just started using supernotes and unfortunately my password manager “Dashlane” keeps wanting to fill out the the cards with my credit card details :smiley: Even after telling it to shut up, it keeps appearing after some change of the UI theme I guess. In any case, this is clearly an unwanted behaviour. Some information on the must make Dashlane think, that this is a field to fill out in a form. Maybe you guys can figure that out and change it so that Dashlane is not confused anymore. I anyway will also write a message to Dashlane for them to maybe set the workspace subdomain of your site on some black list (if Dashlane has such).

Hi @Noxdor, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with Dashlane and Supernotes, that sounds very peculiar indeed! Could you please let me know which browser / app and OS you are using Dashlane and Supernotes on? I will try to investigate further on our end.

Thanks for reaching out to Dashlane’s customer service. Although I would advise against asking Dashlane to blacklist on our subdomain as that’s the same subdomain used for logging in and out of Supernotes; and also doesn’t solve the root cause of the problem.

Does anyone else here use Dashlane + Supernotes?