Use consistent date format across platform according to user preference

In the preferences → customize behavior settings, when the date format is set like this:

It still keeps the date before the month on the today view:

Would be helpful to have it show up correctly there for those of us accustomed to month/day.

Thank you!

Hi @Itsben,

This setting was introduced to customise the interpretation of user input, rather than the display of dates around the platform. E.g. in the Universal Search or calendar search input, many members use the DD/MM/YYYY syntax which is wrongly interpreted if some prefers MM/DD/YYYY – as it’s the same format.

However you still make a good point and it would feel a lot more personal if date formats were consistent across the whole platform. Dates do not change in many other places including a card’s more actions menu and the outline menu dropdown.

Since this is a bit more involved and improves existing behaviour platform wide rather than a bug, I’m converting this to a feature request. We will see what we can do :slight_smile:

That makes sense. I didn’t realize you could search by date - that’s a cool feature. But I can see the search responses still using the day/month structure. The metadata does have it show up correctly, unless it just shows month/date for everyone?

Thanks for taking a look :+1:

The metadata shows month/date for everyone, hence the need to make this consistent across the platform.

We originally had each formatted date in a way that was best suited to location and use case, rather than personal preference. But understand that it can look odd if you prefer it in a certain way.