Using SN with Tiago Forte's PARA hierarchy

I’ve been a big fan of Tiago Forte’s PARA system of organizing notes. I’m curious if anyone here is using PARA with SN? Based on the founder’s philosophy, each note should be valuable in and of itself…which makes a ton of sense. We also should move away from a heavy “file/folder” based concept. If I follow this, then Project, Area, Resources and Archive shouldn’t really be “folders” that stand on their own. I’m struggling with how to reconcile this with the SN system. OR, maybe PARA isn’t a good fit for the SN atomic note concept, and I should shift to more of a mentality of more organic notes. Thoughts?

I think Supernotes is a great fit for PARA. I have priority cards for areas, projects, and categories of resources (People, Places, Books, etc).

Then I use the multi-parent hierarchy to apply cards to the areas, projects, or resources where they make sense. So a card covering a weekly team meeting might be added to an area card for the team, any cards for projects that were discussed, and resource cards for each person attending.

Chuck that’s great! The idea of applying a weekly team meeting card to multiple parents (project + team + resource) is brilliant. I could really see that enhancing my workflow! Thanks for sharing.
Are your “priority cards” just sitting there at the top of your stack by themselves? Or do you use them in some way?