Using Supernotes Alongside TickTick

@freisatz Hi Robin, I’m also a big fan of TickTick, and find it to be a great combo with Supernotes! :heart:

I tag each TickTIck todo with either #shallow or #deep, and use that “focus type” to help me time-block the task for an effective day & time. I also split my work todos into three lists: short-term, medium-term, and long-term, which helps me to assess my task balance (i.e. figure out if I’m doing enough tactical and strategic work).

Do you have any of your TickTick tips to share?

I like your deep/shallow tagging system. I actually do something similar, and it was a revelation once I came up with that!

I organize my tasks in the lists next and follow-up.

  • next. everything I want and can to do right away.
  • follow-up. deferred or non-ready tasks that come with a (start and) due date.

I then view the tasks in an intelligent list to do, with the logic

  • lists: next
  • or date: today or overdue

That list I organize by due date.

This way I have all my relevant tasks in a single view.

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That’s an interesting approach, thank you for sharing!

Because I assign every task a date, I don’t think having time-based lists (e.g. next and follow-up) would add much value to my process. But I understand how those lists could be useful if you don’t always assign dates.

I have a feeling that I would break such a system. There are tasks that actually don’t have a deadline, and if I would attach some artificial due date to that, my lazy self would know about that arbitrariness of that date, tricking me into not taking it mandatory.

Is that an issue with you, too, and if not, how do you keep up that rigid mentality?

PS maybe a mod could move this conversation to a dedicated thread?

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I don’t track due dates—only “work on it” dates (i.e. the day I plan to work on that task). If I finish the task during the planned day then I’ll check it off, otherwise I’ll just pick a new date to work on it again.

This approach has the advantage that as each new day starts I don’t need to think about what to work on—my goal is simply to make progress on all the tasks that I’d previously assigned to this day. It removes the mental overhead of looking up future due dates, and back-porting them into a plan. The “work on it” dates are the plan.

Story of my LIFE! I’m still looking for ways to address that. Hence my desire to get ti know Supernotes well and use it to incorporate into another system. I like @JamesT’s se of TickTick to keep track of notes and tasks. Maybe I can try with Todoist?

@rmbtx83 Combining Todoist with Supernotes should be essentially identical, considering how similar a feature set it shares with TickTick.